{5.3}: Miracles and Luxurious Bliss ~ Next Week's New Moon in Taurus

Are you basking in the glow of positive vibes and high frequencies? I am coming off of Rituals of Remembrance retreat, I am ABSOLUTELY buzzing with delight!!!

First things first, we're gearing up for the enchanting new moon in Taurus, a time when we're called to ground ourselves, nurture our intentions, and plant seeds of abundance baby! It's an opportunity to connect with the Earth's energy, set our sights on prosperity, and embrace the beauty of slow, steady growth.

You with me!?

I am all in and riding this energy wave with high vibes!! I am coming off of an incredible Rituals of Remembrance retreat experience. Oh, my heart! It was an absolute dream, filled with soulful connections, deep introspection, and moments of pure miracles. I wish I could bottle up the energy and share it!

Truly - it was ever-expansive and so joy-filled. If you are craving a clearing and loving experience,  I would love for you to listen to beautiful shares from two beauties who journey with me, Karri, and Tavia.

You can also check out a beautiful share and photo album Tavia made here!

There is a spot left for the upcoming Rituals of Remembrance retreat in Northern California! It's a transformative journey of self-discovery, connection, and remembrance. Don't just take my word for it ... take a moment to listen to the heartfelt testimonials from some of the beautiful souls who joined us for the recent retreat.

Their words speak volumes about the power and impact of this experience. Want more info? Contact me!

Now onward to raise your vibes! Press play, be inspired, and here are two ways to step into a higher frequency:

                                  1) Embrace gratitude as a daily practice next week to enrich your life and elevate your frequency
                                  2) Turn on the music and engage in a daily dance party to infuse your life with joy and vibrancy

Now let's do this thing!!!

Big love!

Raise Your Vibe, Clear Patterns, and Remember Why You Came!

Retreat With Me: Rituals of Remembrance

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