{5.31}: Raise Your Vibe Before the New Moon in Gemini, Let Go, Look Ahead!

Let's elevate frequency, people, party people!  We're fresh off the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces yesterday, a perfect time to reflect, release, and rejuvenate.

This list an initiation to let go of what no longer serves, make space for new beginnings as we prep for the upcoming New Moon in Gemini! Pisces, with its deep, intuitive energy, encourages us to tune into our inner world and shed emotional baggage that's holding us back.

I'm just coming off the most fabulous retreat, Rituals of Remembrance #2. It was an incredible experience filled with deep connections, healing, and growth. The energy was palpable, and I'm still riding the high from all the beautiful moments we shared!

A reminder to surround ourselves with a container of loving high vibe people, makes all the difference!

As we let go of the old, I invite you to take a moment to journal on the following and see what comes up for clarity:

* What patterns, habits, or thoughts am I ready to release?

* What no longer aligns with my highest self?

May these help you to align, let go, and transform! Until next week, keep shining and stay aligned.

A personal share; my latest musings ...

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{5.31}: Raise Your Vibe Before the New Moon in Gemini, Let Go, Look Ahead!
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