{9.4}: Embrace the Last Quarter Moon's Release

As we enter a new week, it's not just any ordinary Monday; it's a time when celestial energies align with the universe's rhythms. Today, we explore an Angel Message that beautifully coincides with the approaching last quarter moon—a potent period for letting go.

The last quarter moon is a significant phase in the lunar cycle. It occurs when the moon is three-quarters through its journey from the full moon to the new moon. It symbolizes reflection, assessment, and release. During this phase, the moon appears as a half-moon, shedding light on the importance of balance in our lives.

It's a time to pause and assess what no longer serves us. Just as the moon releases its luminosity, we are encouraged to release burdens, worries, and anything hindering our growth.

May today's Angel Message help!

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{9.4}: Embrace the Last Quarter Moon's Release
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