Angel Message Monday {1.23.23}: 1st First Quarter Moon of the Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! For me this day officially starts my new year! I will be spending it with a dear friend, choosing some cards, setting intentions, and doing ritual.

For today, here is a short rundown of some ideas of how to enter your lunar new year: 

TODAY, MONDAY: take a risk, expand your horizon, set intentions if you haven't already at the New Moon. Allow this quieter time to be a bit more actionable than you usually would at a New Moon.

TUESDAY: Be in flow, but don't actually "start a new business" today. Work with what is already here. Study weak points so you can improve, and process new info/learn something new.

WEDNESDAY: Don't work too heavily with finances today, but pay credit bills or other debts. Start to really wrap up a project, and make some changes based on what you found your weakenesses were the day prior. Today is a good day for CHANGE>

THURSDAY: While this won't be a day for selling or trading, it's a great day to work with numbers, and display your talents and what you are good at! Be a bit more passive, and stay present.

FRIDAY: start to expand out, make new contacts, announce a new offer, meet with people, take an intervew, give gratiude, and support the arts!!

SATURDAY: start your weekend off by getting creative, solving any small chellenges and work in a team. Continue SUNDAY: rest, recover, clear your mind, and go into your inner world. Start being patient as your seeded intentions are watered. It is a day to go within and have fun with a hobby or creative work. Take something OFF the calendar that doesn't feel good to you!

Enjoy the kick start to your year, and don't let the energy of this week pass you by.

Flow with the moon!


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