Angel Message Monday {11.28}: Imagine Putting Your Dreams Into Action

We just came out of a time of manifesting with the New Moon. I hope you are finding events and situations to be much calmer?!

With a First Quarter Moon in Pisces (bringing greater awareness), imagine all of the Divine ways to move forward with the loving intentions surfacing last week.

Here is how I advise moving forward this week:

* Re-evaluate your goals

* Use patience and pauses to consider next steps

* Activating courageous strength

* Remember how far you have come and hold gratitude for that

* Take action!

This is a time to be in a creative search and move forward on some of the intentions that were set last week. While it is essential to exercise patience, try to avoid doing absolutely nothing! We can all rest later!

This is a week to move on to the next phase o what you want and maybe even on that new stream of income!

May today's message help! XO

Flow with the moon!


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