Angel Message Monday {12.26}: Take mindful action from prior planning that has occurred!

The First Quarter Moon in Aries is this Thursday and Friday, a time of taking action after all of the planning you have been doing.

While this is a time of action, please slow down! DO NOT RUSH!

Decide what you want after careful feeling and reflection, and then take action.

Aries rules the muscles, and there may be a nudge to MOVE. Aries can come with being impatient, impulsive, and restless, so be mindful of all. Above all - there is a transformative fire that will be about, one that is asking us to spark into LIFE, so take hold of the energy that is upon us from the New Moon in Cap and this First quarter moon, and take mindful action from prior planning that has occurred.

As a side note, this lunar phase coincides with the first day of Mercury Retrograde; get creative and listen to your heart and what it is really wanting.

May today's message help! XO

Flow with the moon!


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