Angel Message Monday {2.13}: What can you let go of today?

On 2.3 we gathered for Moon Cycle Restart, where we MoonMapped our years and dove deep into self-reflection for key phases to come.

We learned to listen to the energetics of the moon. If the moon could talk today, it would say ....

💬 Keep things simple
💬 Be expressive
💬 Think about what to let go of today
💬 Focus on balance
💬 Do your biz another day
💬 Don't do anything too important, like negotiations or sales

Today is an emotional day, which can bring forward impatience, aggression, nervousness, intolerance, and maybe some depression.

So keep it light and easy. Focus on what you want, and allow for life to flow.

To help, get rid of some things!! It is the last quarter moon today, and a great time to declutter, let go, release, and carry on!

May today's message help! XO

Set Intention with the Moon ...

Moon Cycle Memoirs

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