Angel Message Monday {2.27.23}: First Quarter Moon - Get Creative!

While this is not a great day to start new projects, it is a great day to take creative action!

The first quarter moon in Gemini is here, and it is nudging us to clear our minds, explore our inner world, and make time for our hobbies and creative work!

I love the added tool we are using today; Rick Rubin's The Creative Act: A Way of Being, which you can pick up or order from The Novel Neighbor -- shout out to Holland for turning us on to this one!

Other ways to maximize today's energy:
❌ Say no and cancel a project that doesn't feel good
💞 Stay in harmony, and don't be nosy
💤 Rest well and take it easy
💡 Share ideas and helpful information
✅ Complete tasks that can be checked off quickly and easily
💃 Get active

It's a day to focus on enhancing projects already underway vs. starting something new. Be with it!

May today's message help you! And I always love to know how if it does! XO

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