Angel Message Monday {3.13.23}: Appreciate, feel the love, and SHARE!

Today is a Waning Gibbous in Sagittarius; a day I don't always notate these - but I am today! The moon will be Void of Course, today from  10:44 am to 2:32 pm CST. This week, it will also be void ...

  • 3.15 - 5:56 am to 11:59 pm CST
  • 3.18 - 3:11 am to 6:26 am CST
  • 3.20 - 7:40 am to 10:45 am CST

These are times when you really want to lay low and not "do" too much! No major decisions, contract signing, or other important tasks!

What we do want to focus on this week ...

💓 Appreciating what is good in your life
💓 Feeling gratitude
💓 Think about what you want to release on the last quarter moon this Wednesday
💓 Reflect on your goals and mission
💓 Stay optimistic and look for and at the bigger picture

And on that note, I am sharing with you what I appreciate and have going on in the world! Two things:

1) If you haven't heard yet, Play by Play Feng Shui is amping up again! You can check that out here via this link!
2) I am finally giving birth to a long-time request, dream, and taking a leap with my new sub-brand .... Gina Nicole Intuitive Copywriting!

Check them out if they call! Over to you ... what do you have to share?!May today's help! XO

My new share ...

Intuitive Copywriting

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