Angel Message Monday {4.10}: Appreciate, share, and be with the flow of letting go!

Next week is a big New Moon Solar Eclipse, up and coming. So this week - we prep!

It will be our Second Chance Moon, where we can assess new ideas, be in creation, and LEAVE THE PAST AND OLD WAYS BEHIND! (I know I am - are you with me?!)

THIS week we have a last-quarter moon on Thursday, and it is the perfect time to appreciate what we have in our lives, share, and get ready to do some significant letting go to allow for new intentions to come in!

Every position was a Major Arcana this week, which hasn't happened in a while! I am taking it all in and appreciating the joy, lessons, and pathway forward! Be with me!

May today's message help you spark some new creations! I know I have some up-and-coming projects I look forward to sharing with you next week! XO

PS .... If you haven't heard yet, I birthed long-time request, dream, and took a leap with my new sub-brand .... Gina Nicole Intuitive Copywriting! Check it out if they call! Over to you ... what do you have to share?!

My new share ...

Intuitive Copywriting

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