Angel Message Monday {4.11}: Libra Full “Pink” Moon: 5 Ways to a Fresh Start

I shared earlier in the month (April 2022), this is a time for us to take charge, leap with courage, and embody all parts of our black sheep self!

The beginning of the month was a time for us to set new intentions for that. I suggested the benefit available to look back to April 29, 2014, at dated photos and journal entries. We had a similar Solar Eclipse to that which will transpire at the end of April 2022. The energy is parallel.

I know my life changed drastically that year; I wrapped up a career as a flight attendant and met my now-husband, leading to a cross-country move. That same transformative energy is upon us, and this Full Moon is a fresh restart to do it again!

If you didn’t set intentions at the New Moon at the beginning of the month, all good. We can go back and take note of what we were thinking about and focusing on, and release what doesn’t work now.

The opportunity this Libra Full “Pink” Moon brings is optimal growth and significant change! The traditional name “Pink Moon” stems from Native American folklore. It’s termed “Pink Moon” from the symbolism of the pink wildflowers blossoming in the spring, a season of renewal and rebirth. It’s time to rid of the lesson trodden burdens we have been carrying, so we can have a new chance to uplevel.

We can mark our calendars for Saturday, April 16, 2022, at 1:54 pm CST. While we won’t be able to see the glow of the Pink Moon visually until after sunset, we will be able to harness the energy it provides three to five days before and after.

For five ways to open to possibilities and have a fresh restart, tune in here.

AND if you are ready to, fully harness the energy of this thrilling time, join our week-long experience and activate the energy of lunar living, as we prepare for the grand renewal of the New Moon, Solar Eclipse at the end of April, here.

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