Angel Message Monday {4.3.23}: Full Moon in Libra THIS WEEK ~ Rest and Be

This week on Wednesday, April 5th at 11:34 PM CST (so April 6th in some parts of the world), is the Libra Full Moon!

It's been big energy lately, and this moon will provide an opportunity to ...

⚖️ Focus on harmony thinking
⚖️ Focus on restoring balance
⚖️ Heed to the call and follow the urge to finish a project
⚖️ Release the old
⚖️ Create a new pathway of light forward
⚖️ Keep the peace

One thing we can all do today to maximize this energy is to tend to our well-being!

Book time to retreat, take a nap, and plan for rest!

May today's Angel Message Monday support you in further balance! XO

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