ANGEL MESSAGE MONDAY {5.16}: Full (Blood Red) Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, Change is HERE!

"We kicked off eclipse season with a New “Dark” Moon, Solar Eclipse on April 30th. The moon was in a similar position in April of 2014, and we could have received clues as to what is transpiring for us if we looked back at our calendars, journal entries, and photo shares.

There may have been significant changes calling to us; I have seen clients quite old stagnant jobs, create new endeavors like a jewelry shop, leave unsupported marriages, and introduce new family members. I found big changes calling to my own heart, and things that were once a part of my life pre-Covid (like leading retreats and Sunday Funday maskless date days with my husband) are birthing again.

So while we may have nudges and whispers thus far on what is up for change, a Full moon in Scorpio and Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16th will clarify the significant changes unfolding.

For those of us into astrology, it’s worthy to note this May full moon falls in Scorpio, the sign of sex, death, and change.

Pair that with a Total Lunar Eclipse (a time of profound letting go of what doesn’t serve), the fact that this is a Blood Red Moon (a pathway that encourages us to look at our shadows), and we have a transformation stew that will be served up for the masses.

There may be sudden and swift change happening around us! For those details and for five tips we can apply to move through with a bit more ease, check out: ""5 Tips to Move Through the Full (Blood Red) Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, Even The Big Surprises {May 2022)""

May this Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse bring ultimate blessings for optimal living of authentic embodiment.

Now … onward to Angel Message Monday!"

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