Angel Message Monday: Libra New Moon 2021, Take Assertive Action to Create Harmony vs. Chaos

The New Moon in Libra is upon us on October 6th. We may all be feeling the nudge towards taking passionate action, especially when connecting and harmonizing with others.While this is a beautiful time to set an intention for all relationships in our life (personal, self, familial, with God), there is a flip side to consider. If you follow astrology, it aligns with planets Mars and Uranus in a way, which can translate to disruption, aggression, and useless intent of revenge.Typically when a New Moon aligns with Mars in the way it is, which astrologers might label “New Moon conjunct Mars,” it can bring abundant and energetic liveliness to us. It can help us to be assertive and take courageous action. But bring Uranus in the mix (linked to innovation, rebellion, and technology), and Libra (corresponding with life-changing relationships), we may find our connections with others are what I will call “heightened.”To top it all off, Mercury is in retrograde from September 27th to October 18th. So not only is this a sensitive time for relationships in general, it’s likely communication is disrupted, and misunderstandings happen.Given these dynamics at play, we can all benefit by setting clear and impeccable intentions now, so connections stay peaceful.So how do we focus on taking full advantage of the harmonious opportunity rather than allow the energetics to rock the boat and tip the boat over?Read all about it right here! AND last but not least - if you joined the Embodied Empath Experience last New Moon in Aries, tune in as Mario and I are DOING IT AGAIN THE WEEK OF 10/18, FOR THE FULL MOON IN ARIES!You can begin the pre-work now and start prepping the field shifting into your HIGH VIBE way. If you did it last time, you are automatically enrolled; be sure to check out the updated content!AND - if you haven't joined us and are ready to dive in - you can sign up here!This Full Moon in Aries brings BIG plans to realign with your life's mission, and we will be doing that damn thing! We will be block busting, goal setting, and shifting into our home frequencies!Last time we saw REALLY fun results, and we hope to see more as the energy builds this go! HUGE LOVE! XOMay today’s Angel Message Monday help you! XO

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