Angel Message Monday: New Beginnings with the New Moon in Pisces this week!

New Moon, new intentions! Ready to leap?! March 2, 2022, gifts us with a New Moon in Pisces, bringing opportunities for a start as fresh as the morning breeze and new beginnings as big as the day we were born!There are three keynotes this New Moon is supporting. If we can flow with it vs. fight it, we'll be living large. The blessings of this transformative time are as follows:🌑 Significant change🌑 Personal goals coming to fruition🌑 Creative projects blossoming in rewards🌑 Leaps of lovePassing up this opportunity for a significant shift would be a bummer, but the good news is there are easy ways to harness the energy. May today’s Angel Message Monday help!AND, if you are ready to activate the charge that is upon us, click the link below to learn four New Moon rituals for this week!And as always, if you want to unlock more for a higher vibing life, join me in The Frequency Key Facebook Group!

Latest Angel Message Monday

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{9.11}: Embrace the New Moon in Virgo this Thursday!
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{9.4}: Embrace the Last Quarter Moon's Release
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