Angel Message Monday: Take Charge, Leap in Courage, Be your Black Sheep ~Aries New Moon~

New Moon, New Intentions, NEW PHASE before the next New Moon, and Solar Eclipse at the end of the month!If you are good at calendar tracking, keeping dated photos, or journal entries, you can reference back to April 29th, 2014; we had a similar Solar Eclipse. While my cell phone images didn't go back that far, I was able to locate some memories on Facebook. Wow.I was a Flight Attendant at the time, had manifested this wonderful trip to Mexico with a dear friend at work, and the next week my now Mother In Law planted a seed letting me know about her then single son, who is now my husband. So ... the energy will be real and ripe here very soon! The possibility to manifest will be off the chain high. We can use this New Moon as a red carpet prep area for the big show that will transpire! The New Moon in Aries is the perfect time to assess and honor goals, a new phase of action taking, intention setting with confidence. It's time to take charge of our lives and leap forward with courage.For five ways to do that, you can visit this link.Until then, may today's Angel Message Monday help!

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