Angel Message Monday: We are letting go, are you?

What are you letting go of to make more room for? Let’s not be afraid to let go together, and may today’s message help!I did it myself recently. I let go of my old agenda, and embraced the NEW that is here!In case you missed the big announcement…the doors are officially (and briefly!) open to E.M.B.O.D.Y. One, the mentorship community that holds you accountable for embodying the truth of who you were born to be.It is a safe container like no other, where you are guided to align with the cycles of the moon, take big leaps, ignite your intuition, and remove anything standing in the way of your true home frequency.We’re about to have some fun together, you, I, and the rest of the E.M.B.O.D.Y. One community, beginning November 1 if you say yes. Enrollment only opens twice a year, and the doors are open now.You can CHECK IT OUT!Annnddd I’m throwing in a juicy bonus if you join me!That means, not only will you receive every month...A welcome channeled messageAn energy clearing and journal promptsNew guided meditationsStep-by-step guidance on how to E.M.B.O.D.Y. who you were born to be, to help support your body, home, mind, and Spirit connectionTwo monthly calls; a new moon call to set intentions, and a full new moon call where we assess and release blocks (discussions happen and questions are answered)Guest experts help you shift your perspective, learn something new, and inspire you into a different realm of motivationWeekly check-in emails from meCollective morning ritualsUpdates from Resident Astrologer, Mimi from Gaia BloomingExclusive member discountsAnd so much more!Not to mention, and this is probably the biggest bonus of all, you will have the connection of a supportive community of like-minded people with an online forum in the membership area. I have yet to find a community of support like this (and I am not just saying that).In addition to the Ignite Your Intuition bonus, you will also receive foundational work that you can begin right away, including  ….The Feng Shui Bagua MapCrystal GridsDe-Clutter ChecklistDivine Feminine Activation AffirmationDream Work with Noeli LyttonFood Frequency Work for IntuitionSupport to Know your ValuesMing Men Meditation to clear ancestral imprintsGetting in Tune with the Moon CyclesThree-Step Clearing Process by Raymon GraceHow to Make a Sigil LessonThe Five Elements LessonUsing Triple Grid ClearingsThe Universal LawsThe three secret reinforcements to supercharge all intentionsAnd if you know me and my work ... you know I LOVE surprises! There is so much more!If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the link by clicking here, OR you can email Space is limited in each level. Whatever you choose to do, do something. Even if that is not with me! There is only ONE person who can change the vibe and shift life's experiences (I hope you know who)! You can’t afford to keep ignoring what has been nagging at you, especially if you are highly sensitive. Your body will start talking.I send you HUGE waves of love!GinaNow … onward to Angel Message Monday!

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