Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse Activates YOUR YES and Second Chance

This  Wednesday, there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries 11:12 PM CST.

I am calling this the Second Chance Moon. This Aries New Moon marks a time to leave behind the old, allow new ideas to evolve, and truly have a second chance on intentions that may not have YET manifested for you.

It's a time to assess and release the shadow of the past (we'll do that on day one) and welcome the opportunity to be given a second chance to sip on transformative change.

Your chalice of purpose awaits, it's delicious, and I am looking forward to serving it up!

Along with the above, this Solar Eclipse New Moon highlights:

* Releasing what doesn't work
* New chapters
* An urge to get so much done
* Saying NO to anything that doesn't light you up
* Learning more about and working with your astrology
* Balancing inner fire
* Using inner strength, courage, passion, and determination
* Being mindful of anger, attacks, destruction, and being too impulsive or ego-driven (overactive Aries characteristics)
* Owning and saying yes to becoming the leader of ourselves

A nod to that last point - when you fully step into what you were put here to do, you help and counterbalance the density of the world.

Think of the countless lives you can touch and help if you step into your heart's calling.

When you say yes to your soul, you harmonize your unique mission with that of others, becoming part of a profound and unexplainable ripple effect.

The best part is everything you could need, you have. Right now. Start exactly where you are, and embody your light.

I invite you to join me next week, April 24th, to experience and activate the energy of lunar living as we prepare for the expansive New Moon Solar Eclipse. Learn more about yourself, your cells, your soul's journey, and what is calling you.

By the month's end, life could look seriously different for you in ways you may not recognize. The opportunity for accelerated growth is here; say yes!

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