Plan for courageous, bold action!

The New Moon this past weekend nudged us into a courageous field of movement. Lots of change for so many! Are you feeling it as much as my fam?!

We are all being nudged into the new, and next Monday is a first quarter moon which is the perfect time to take action.

Leading up to that time, this week think about ...

πŸ’« where you can be a bit more bold
πŸ’« what creative ideas you want to start moving forward
πŸ’« ask for feedback to make room for improvement
πŸ’« start organizing your self for the pathway forward
πŸ’« if you haven't set a New Moon intention from the weekend - it's not too late

The Waxing Crescent moon phase is the time when the moon begins to become illuminated by the light of the sun, after the dark New Moon. This first light brings OPTIMISM and a great chance for a fresh start and a new beginning. Grab a hold!

I know I am! One of the things I am doing exclusively for a select few people, is a Soul Immersion Retreat, in the lovely high vibe Puerto Vallarta. Want an early sneak peek? Check it out here​!

May today's message help you! And I always love to know how if it does! XO


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