What can you do to have a stronger connection with your angels and guides?

I am fully devoted to helping you this week to have a deeper connection with your guides and angels.Feel into what is calling you .... one, two, or three, press play, and let us see what shall unfold! Each position is a little different this week, but a lot of fun!Want to dive deeper? There is still time to join me for my intensive: THE ABC’S OF COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR ANGELS AND GUIDES.** PLEASE NOTE I WAS MEANT TO HOST THIS CLASS TOMORROW. BECAUSE ONE OF THE MOST KEY THINGS NEEDED TO CONNECT TO ANGELS AND GUIDES IS A HIGH FREQUENCY, I AM POSTPONING TO ENSURE MY FREQUENCY IS MUCH HIGHER FOR YOU.You can still sign up and get more info on the intensives by clicking below.** This was pre-recorded. Please note that the ABC’s OF COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR ANGELS AND GUIDES IS BEING POSTPONED TO THE NEXT FULL MOON ON 3/9/19.

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