{10.13}: Frequency & Flow Friday is HERE! Just in Time for the New Moon!

I am elated to be coming at ya' with Frequency & Flow Friday; a new initiative providing you with an invitation to reflect on the week past, and inspire you for the week to come!

On this New Moon Libra, Solar Eclipse, today begins anew! Let's harness the New Moon's energy to set intentions related to love, relationships, and balance. AND SAY YES TO THE NEW!!  

Part of my new involves remaining devoted to providing weekly tips, strategies, and inspiration to reflect on your previous week and plan for the upcoming one, ensuring that you approach your goals from an impeccable energetic place. YOU ARE YOUR HEALER WITHIN. YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS IN YOU!

And -- rest assured -- my Wisdom Oracle cards are still going to have a presence!

So what can you expect from Frequency & Flow Friday?

*Insights on Harnessing Your Energy: Discover how understanding your own energy levels and cycles can lead to more effective time management and decision-making.
* Weekly Reflection Practices: Techniques to reflect on your achievements, challenges, and goals for the week, promoting personal growth and self-awareness.
* Future Planning Tips: Tools and strategies to set clear intentions and create actionable plans for the week ahead.
* An Occasional Special Guest: Guest experts to share their knowledge on topics related to frequency, flow, and personal development.
* Moon Cycle Flow: Don't worry - I am still going to cue us in on the flow of the moon!!That is part of the Flow in Frequency and Flow!

I am led to design this tool to empower you to take control of your time, energy, and direction in life. By fostering a deeper understanding of our energetic frequency, unique rhythms, and how our environment impacts us, we can unlock our full potential and enhance overall well-being.

And speaking of true potential, I am also delighted to announce the E.M.B.O.D.Y. One Mentorship Program (https://www.ginanicole.net/embody) is open for enrollment! This happens only a couple of times a year, and now is that time!

Beginning November 1, we'll be deep-diving into the new theme: "Intuitive Inner Healer: Empowering a Transformed Tomorrow." We will be flourishing from the inside out, end standing in our empowerment which comes from developing intuition and tapping into our inner healer to drive positive transformation in the world. BE your inner healer and create positive change.

So there has it! Thank you for being here! May each Friday moving forward be a Fri-YAY bringing a dose of inspiration. In the spirit of community and growth, feel free to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join. The more, the merrier!

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. I look forward to embarking on this new adventure with you and helping you achieve your goals.

Let's fly free on this journey of personal growth and success together!

HUGE love!

Embody Your Intuitive Inner Healer: Empower a Transformed Tomorrow.

E.M.B.O.D.Y. One

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